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About Us

Western Fjords Advanced Technologies ltd. is a private limited liability company which specializes in the development of novel therapeutic strategies based upon disease-specific induction of apoptosis.


Special emphasis is placed on the design, development and marketing of curative forms of treatment against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas and other primary brain tumors.


Western Fjords Advanced Technologies ltd. has developed a working modular concept easily tailored to specifications of other diseases, thus enabling the construction of an indication-based product pipeline.



  • Western Fjords Advanced Technologies ltd. has developed a unique therapeutic prototype which provides a solution to the quest for a curative form of cancer treatment while minimizing systemic side effects.
  •  Disease specificity is accomplished by targeting surface receptors expressed solely on the malignant cells with a recombinant construct, consisting of the respective ligand conjugated to a novel mutant of a human pro-apoptotic sentinel.
  • To further strengthen this approach, the recombinant construct is produced utilizing a highly advanced yet remarkably direct production system, ensuring optimal secondary and tertiary molecular structure and thus, function.
  •  Furthermore, the construct is secreted into the cell media, allowing for ease of harvest, maximum yield and streamlining of the production process.
  • The construct described provides several advantages over current therapeutic strategies:

    • built solely from human subunits, adverse immune reactions are minimized;
    • by introducing a powerful proapoptotic sentinal into the internal milieu of the malignant cells, apoptosis is induced independent of p53 status, cell-cycle or metabolic rate;
    • designed for intracerebral infusion, aka convection-enhanced delivery, the blood-brain barrier and systemic side effects are bypassed;

  • Great emphasis is placed on maximizing the therapeutic window, by tailoring said constructs to disease-specific characteristics, thus focusing lethality solely on abnormal cells with minimum adverse effect to healthy tissue in the vicinity or periphery.

Product Pipeline

The primary construct, TAG GB4, is targeted specifically against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas

The construct has been modified to specifically bind to other primary brain tumors, TAG EP3 and TAG MB1, both of which have been designated orphan disease status

The disease spectrum has been further expanded towards both chronic and malignant diseases of the integuement.

A prophylactic variant, TAG SC1, is targeted against a common, global neoplasm has been developed. This variant is designed to supplement existing products for topical application


In 2014 Western Fjords Advanced Technologies ltd. received a significant venture capital investment to development and complete preliminary in vitro studies.

Opportunities for 2nd tier investors for long-term partnering are currently open.


For further information regarding our product pipeline and investment opportunities, please send us your inquiry to